Monday, October 31, 2016

Coaching and Sports Management Background

Keith circled back to the NHL in 2008 when he joined the Detroit Red Wings pro team as an assistant coach for their video coaching division.  Here, he was responsible for capturing video during practices and competition.  The video collected was used to conduct in-depth player reviews and reports, helping individual players hone their skills on the ice.  On-ice, he also got the opportunity for one-on-one skill development with players on the Red Wings team.

After more than six years of coaching the Red Wings, Keith transitioned to the Portland Winterhawks Hockey Club in Portland, Oregon. The club, comprised of junior players preparing for roles in professional teams, is one of the members of the Western Hockey League. He was able to work directly with players during on-ice practices, again helping them to develop critical skills that made them better players.  He also had a hand in scouting and recruitment for the Club’s further development. In 2016, he joined Gold Star Sports Management.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gold Sports Management Welcomes New Agent

Gold Sports Management welcomes its newest agent, Keith McKittrick. With over 15 years of coaching experience, he takes his extensive knowledge capacity into the management industry. Keith offers a comprehensive skill set which includes video analysis and consulting services. To discover more details, visit:

Monday, June 13, 2016

Coaching via Video Analysis

Keith McKittrick has emerged as a forefront runner within the world of coaching.
Coaching techniques have evolved over the years.

What aspects of video analysis and playback contribute to successful implementation of strategy?

After spending almost seven seasons as an assistant coach regarding in-game footage, Keith has emerged as an elite coaching option within the world of hockey. His expertise and knowledge within the field are ideal for any staff needs within the Portland region. He is a highly acclaimed asset within the company. To learn more about his knowledge of video playback and reported, visit here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How To Increase Shots On Goal Efficiency

Through countless hours of watching and re-watching actual in-game footage of professional hockey games, Keith McKittrick offers his take on how to increase shot efficiency in real life situations. He focuses on providing in-depth analysis of game scenarios during unfavorable moments and gives insight now how to turn that situation around. 

First-hand experience is second to none.

His emphasis on a strict practice schedule consisting of warm-ups, scrimmage, and a cool down period. By implementing these simple measures, any recreational, amateur, or professional organization can trail-blaze their own path to success and victory. To discover more about utilizing video footage, visit here.

Top Secret Scouting Techniques

As a seasoned veteran of the professional coaching industry, he is an excellent resource for advice.
What does it take this day in age to scout for the next premier talent that is about to enter the professional scene? Well, you must be able to distinguish an elite athlete right when you see him. Unfortunately, an eye for exceptional athletic talent only comes with experience. Here are a few steps towards achieving your objective.

  • Get to know the athlete on a personal level. 
  • By gaining their trust, you will be able serve them as an agent.
  • Make sure the prospect remains out of trouble as a citizen. 
To learn more tips and trade secrets, stay tuned for more updates. Hope you enjoyed reading this!